Sample Articles

Presented here are some samples of the types of articles that appear in TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES: A Magazine of History and Genealogy. The objective is to give researchers "leads" as to the place of residence of an ancestor at a given time, as in Oaths of Allegiance, lists of tithables, and land records and land tax lists.

"Oaths of Allegiance, 1653" Northumberland County Volume 3 Number 4, pp. 243-244.
"Civil Appointments, 1782-1789, James City County" Volume 4, Number 3, pp.156-162

Family histories that have been well-researched and documented are presented, as are family Bible records and cemetery records. Wills and deeds provide a wealth of genealogical information.

"John Watkins of Henrico County, 1743" Volume 4 Number 4, pp. 223-226.

Every issue of the magazine has an article that deals with how and where to research in these tidewater Virginia counties, many of which have had their county court records burned or lost. Further insight concerning resources for research come from the variety of articles and references of each issue.

"Walk the Land Your Ancestors Trod" Volume 6 Number 3, pp. 139-143

The content of each magazine is balanced to include different types of articles, and to make them interesting reading whether they relate to a subscriber's own family or not. During the course of a complete volume all twenty counties covered by TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES: A Magazine of History and Genealogy will be included in an article, many more than once.

It is a further the goal of the magazine to provide insight into the surroundings of these tidewater settlers, by describing the churches they attended and the homes and locations of landmarks relating to the settlers lives. These articles also provide a permanent record of places not heretofore identified or described.

See the Tables of Contents for the variety of articles included in TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES: A Magazine of History and Genealogy.